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Expert Insights, Knowledge and Tips for Lash & Brow Professionals.

LashJoy Makes NALA Top 5 Finalists In 3 Categories!

As I write this the 2019 National Association of Lash Artists (NALA) Industry Awards Gala and Conference are just 6 weeks away and we recently found out who made the Top 5 in each of the categories!Held...

Are Your "Cheap Prices" Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

One thing we’ve found over the years is if you try to compete solely on “price”, you’ll forever be trying to find new clients to replace the ones who left you for the next cheapest...

LashJoy Makes the AFR Fast 100 List!

From our humble beginnings in 2015 where we would process just a handful of orders a week, LashJoy has since become the preferred supplier for thousands of Lash Professionals from all over the world.It now

Are You Comparing Apples With Apples?

If you've had a chance to request and read over our beginners course information ,you might now be taking the time to compare what we offer with other courses on the market. Before you make your mind

Confessions of a #BeautyBoss Podcast

A while back I had the pleasure of being a guest on the "Confessions of a #BeautyBoss" Podcast with Angela Sanchez from Beauty Business Co, check out her Instagram here.It was a lot of fun, Angela is actually a...

Why You Need to Stop Charging Refills by "Weeks"

Unfortunately there's always going to be clients who try to "test" your refill policy boundaries. Because of this it's super important to be very clear from the beginning what constitutes a refill and what doesn't.For...

You Can't Steal Talent!

The other day I came across an Instagram profile (I won’t mention which one) that had not only stolen multiple images of mine but had also copied one of my business names almost exactly AND...

My Students Are My Brand

When I first began teaching women how to become expert Lash Stylists back in 2015 I obviously had no students to begin with, so students who chose to enrol in my training courses back then...

An Important Message For All Girls In Business

Almost daily, my struggle and reason to get up each morning is to help fellow girls understand their self worth. This usually means an increase in the prices of the services that they offer. Why

What Do Your Prices REALLY Say About You?

What do potential customers really think when they see your services priced cheaper than your competitors?In your mind you might think that they're seeing "value", and for some this may be true, but from our

Just. Keep. Going

Life is a roller coaster of ups and downs, that's just life. Getting things done when life is good and it seems nothing can go wrong is easy, but it's when times get tough yet

Talented Lash Stylist or Expert Photo Shopper?

If there's one thing that we here at LashJoy will never agree with... it's the dishonest practice of photoshopping lash work. Sadly, it's something that seems to be on the increase! So are we against

Start a New and Exciting Career - Become a Lash Stylist

Are you ready to jump-start your career as a Lash Stylist?With Eyelash Extensions now the leading segment of the beauty industry here in Australia with an estimated 2 million (and growing rapidly) self confessed “Lash Addicts”,