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Joyful Online Scheduling

Designed By Lash Artists, For Lash Artists.

Say Hello to Joyful Online Scheduling!

Meet Bookie, your trusty salon assistant available round the clock, dedicated to saving you time and boosting your earnings!

With Bookie by your side, booking appointments has never been easier. Imagine the joy of having a virtual assistant that takes care of all your booking needs, freeing up your time to focus on what you love most โ€“ creating stunning lash and brow artistry.

No more headaches or wasted hours. Bookie simplifies the entire process, making sure your schedule runs like clockwork. Say goodbye to double bookings, missed opportunities, and stressful juggling acts. Bookie is here to handle it all, so you can experience the true pleasure of a well-organised and thriving salon.

A Booking System Made for Lash & Brow Artists.

Tired of struggling with online booking systems that just don't cut it? We felt the same way, which is why we created our very own solution.

Behold, BookJoy: The game-changing platform meticulously crafted by passionate Lash Artists, exclusively for Lash Artists. And fear not, our team of brilliant software engineers and ingenious minds worked their magic to make it happen!

Say goodbye to cumbersome booking systems loaded with features you never use, yet still have to pay for. BookJoy is here to save the day with its streamlined approach.

With BookJoy, simplicity is the name of the game. We've stripped away the excess to offer you a user-friendly experience that focuses on what truly matters: A booking system that saves you time and makes you money.