Azure Low Humidity Lash Adhesive

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Introducing Azure Low, our brand new ultra-fast setting clear blue lash extension adhesive.

Specially formulated with a lightning-fast 0.75-second set time and up to 8-week lash retention, this is the ultimate go-to adhesive for lash artists who demand maximum speed and consistency.

5ML | 0.17 FL OZ Size Bottle

Temperature & Humidity: Azure LOW works best at 20-25°C (68-77 °F) and between 20-65% humidity.

When choosing any eyelash extension adhesive, it's important to take into account your workplace environment and your application style.

Set Time: 0.75 - 1 second* (*Set times vary according to the working range).

Example: For a 0.75-second set time, use Azure Low at the top end of its range (25°c and 65% humidity). If you prefer a slower-setting adhesive, aim to work at the lower end (between 20°c and 20% humidity).

Shelf Life & Storage: Recommended maximum shelf life is 3 months unopened from the purchase date (stored upright in a cool, dry location) and 1 month once opened.

This product is intended for use by professionally trained and qualified Lash Artists only.

Key Features:

  • Carbon-free formula creates a clear/blue pigment that is easier to work with than traditional clear glues whilst still setting crystal clear for a neat look.
  • Ultra-fast 0.75-1 second polymerisation time for speed lashing.
  • Special ingredients provide added adhesive "flex" for durability and increased lash retention. 
  • Ultra-low fume formula assists in minimising client eye irritation and redness.
  • Flexible working range makes it ideal for a wide range of temperatures and humidities.
  • Suitable for Classic, Volume, Hybrid, Pre-Made & Pro-Made Fan application.
  • Pairs perfectly with LashJoy Primer and LashJoy Super Prime for even greater lash retention.
  • Vegan-friendly, latex & formaldehyde-free formula.

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