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Customer Feedback

Outstanding customer service and assistance. Click and collect is super convenient. Information on products is aaa grade. It really shows when a company is passionate about their products and services. Thanks so much!

Sian Evans

I seriously love these lashes they are incredible and makes for a great result every single time. Light weight and silk smooth. I've used Them for Volume & classic and just can't get enough.


There is simply no better adhesive than the Aquila. Retention is amazing, no smelly fumes, what more can I ask for! Aquila for life #eagle

Maggie Attrill

I live in Denver, Colorado in the United States and we have zero humidity here. I have tried at least a dozen different low humidity adhesives and Aquila is the best one that I have found. I have clients coming in for 3 week fills that still have 85% of their lashes left. It's completely changed my lashing game! Quick drying and not stringy all. I love this product!

Vesper Gray