Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE Course

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**This Course Is A Refresher Course Exclusively Available To Existing LashJoy Trained Students Only**

About the Course

Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE has been closely modelled off our award-winning 5 Day Beginners Classic Lash Mastery Course which is regarded by many as the most comprehensive in-person beginners eyelash extension course on the market.

CLM Online LITE has been designed as a "Refresher" Course for our past students who are looking to revisit and further perfect the fundamentals they first learnt when they attended their in-person training course with Joy.

With 67 high-quality video tutorials covering the A-Z of classic lash application and so much more, nothing has been left out in this online refresher course so if you're feeling like you've gotten a bit off track since completing your initial training with us... this course will definitely help you get back on track fast!

Upon meeting the course requirements you'll also receive a “Certificate of Achievement" from Joy Crossingham of LashJoy Academy.

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In addition to lifetime access to the Classic Lash Mastery Online LITE Course, as a LashJoy student you also receive:

  • Lifetime 20% Discount at LashJoy
  • Comprehensive Training Workbook
  • Certificate Upon Successful Course Completion
  • Lifetime Access to Our Dedicated Support Team
  • Access to 1 Day Refresher Courses
  • 20% Discount On Volume Courses (Classic Students)
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Pricing On Upcoming BookJoy
  • LashJoy VIP Referral Program
  • Find a LashJoy Artist Directory
  • More Exclusive Benefits

By the completion of this course, you'll have learnt the expert classic lash application techniques that Joy has spent more than a decade perfecting. In addition, you will also learn the essential theory and business strategies needed to become not just a highly-skilled Lash Stylist, but also one who is knowledgeable and confident in their craft.

Introduction - Joy's Golden Rules + Fundamental Knowledge

  • Joy's journey
  • The history of eyelash extensions
  • OHS - rules & policies
  • The theme of success
  • Which type of student will you be?
  • Career pathways
  • Setting up your lash room
  • How to use your Lifetime 20% Discount at LashJoy

Module 1 - Mastering the Fundamental Techniques

  • Joy's Golden Rules
  • Lash growth cycle explained
  • Eye conditions, allergies and contraindications
  • Stylist and workplace hygiene
  • How to correctly hold your tweezers
  • Adhesive control techniques
  • Using anchor points for accuracy
  • How to isolate PROPERLY and efficiently!
  • Multiple application techniques
  • What NOT to do when applying eyelash extensions!

Module 2 - Eyelash Styling + Lash Mapping + Photography

  • How to design a lash map and apply a variety of Lash Styles
  • How to choose the right lash style for every client
  • Lash fibres and curls explained
  • When to use different lash curls, lengths & thicknesses
  • Managing common client demands
  • The Do's and Don'ts of Lash photography

Module 3 - Building Healthy Client Relationships

  • How to conduct a successful client consultation 
  • Mitigating product and service risks
  • Client release forms
  • The importance of aftercare and client education
  • Tough scenarios and conflict resolution strategies
  • Strategies for re-booking your clients 

Module 4 - The A - Z of Maximising Lash Retention

  • Everything you need to know about lash adhesive
  • Common mistakes Stylists make that cause poor retention
  • Joy's retention secrets
  • How to troubleshoot retention issues like a pro

Module 5 - Pricing + Social Media Marketing + Advertising

  • Defining your ideal client
  • How to correctly price your services
  • The importance of social media for your business
  • How to create Facebook/Instagram ads that work
  • How to use Instagram to build your brand
  • What features to look for in an Online booking system
  • Our favourite mobile apps and links to resources 

BONUS MODULE - Advanced Application & Styling Techniques

  • How to conduct efficient Lash Refills
  • How to check for and peel apart stickies
  • How to conduct a Lash Removal (manually and using remover cream)
  • Speed lashing techniques
  • How to apply 2D lashes (introduction to volume lashing)
  • The art of stacking and capping lashes
  • How to apply classic lower lashes


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