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Are Your "Cheap Prices" Helping Or Hurting Your Business?

Are Your "Cheap Prices" Helping Or Hurting Your Business

One thing we’ve found over the years is if you try to compete solely on “price”, you’ll forever be trying to find new clients to replace the ones who left you for the next cheapest price they can find somewhere else.

It’s not to say cheap prices don’t attract clients, it’s just not a good strategy on its own for keeping them long term which becomes an expensive, unpredictable and risky way to run a business.

For encouraging client loyalty your goal should be focused on being VALUABLE to your clients, not cheap. Your clients will work out how valuable you are to them by combining everything that you offer vs the price that you charge.

How can you be more “valuable”?

Besides building great relationships and making each client feel special, this could mean things like ensuring damage free lashes (no stickies), on point styling customised for each client, longer lasting retention, bonus minutes at their refill appointments, using the highest quality & freshest products, a safe and hygienic environment, attending regular training to stay up to date, enter lash competitions, providing accurate and helpful client aftercare advice, referral offers and probably one of the most important things you can do is to be CONSISTENT!!

When you have more to offer your clients than just the cheapest price you give them more reasons to stay loyal to you!

What can you do differently for your clients to encourage loyalty?

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