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You Can't Steal Talent!

You Can't Steal Talent!

The other day I came across an Instagram profile (I won’t mention which one) that had not only stolen multiple images of mine but had also copied one of my business names almost exactly AND replicated my logo too!

UNBELIEVABLE! I was blown away at just how unoriginal this person was and how blatantly they had copied me. Safe to say I wasn’t flattered on that occasion.

I know some people say just watermark everything but I honestly don’t have the time and couldn’t be bothered, Plus I’ve seen people go to some pretty impressive lengths to remove watermarks anyway.

Unfortunately there will always be people like this that plague our industry, but thankfully never for long because their entire business is built on lies and promises they can’t keep.

I wonder what happens when the service they advertise never meets up with the end result and always falls short of the client’s expectations?

To me, if you’re not at the level you want to be professionally, THAT’S 100% OK! Every single one of us starts at the bottom. But we are fortunate that worldwide there are SO many amazing opportunities for training that can fast track you through years of frustration to get to that “expert status” WITHOUT having to steal or copy other people’s work.

So, if you see others stealing your work and you find it annoying AF, firstly, TRY to be flattered that people are stealing your content! (It’s obviously awesome!!)

But secondly, remember that they can steal the photos, content, crop your memes and whatever else but what they can NEVER steal from you is your TALENT and your CREATIVITY which is what created the content in the first place!

And because of this they will always be a step behind.

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