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Are You Comparing Apples With Apples?

Joy Crossingham

If you've had a chance to request and read over our beginners course information you might now be taking the time to compare what we offer with other courses on the market.

Before you make your mind up one way or another, I think it's really important to ask yourself the question "are you comparing apples with apples, or apples with oranges?"

For a newcomer to the lash industry it's so easy to underestimate just how much you need to know in order to be able to apply lashes at a safe and high standard.

Many assume it can't be all that hard so all eyelash extension courses must teach more or less the same thing which then leads them to making one of the biggest mistakes a new Lash Stylist can make...

Choosing a Lash Course based primarily on the "cheapest price"

If you are serious about becoming a professional Lash Stylist, my advice is to choose your training based on a combination of VALUE and RESULTS.

By that I mean the real value of the course when EVERYTHING is considered (duration, quality of content, support, ongoing benefits, lash kit, class size, price and so on)

And... the RESULTS produced by the students that trainer has taught (not just the results of the trainer because they should be producing amazing work!)

Truthfully, you should be more concerned about their ability to get those results through others because not all great Lash Stylists make great Lash Educators I can assure you.

Let's look at the numbers...

It's no secret my training costs more than many other lash courses on the surface, yet it is not more expensive when you really do the numbers.

My point being this. A 1 Day Crash Course that costs on average $900 and runs for 8 hours still works out to be $112.50 per hour.

My 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery Course that costs $4,950 runs for 45 hours which works out to be $110 per hour.

So, let's look at what LashJoy Academy Students actually get...

5 Day Beginners Classic Lash Mastery Course


  • 45 hours (20 hours practical across 5 models + 25 hours theory)
  • Award winning educator with 10+ years experience + assistance from expert senior Stylists
  • Learn the A-Z of becoming a professional Lash Stylist + business and marketing
  • 150 page comprehensive training workbook
  • Stunning world-class training facility
  • Option to have practice models provided if needed
  • Lash Kit valued at $700 (with products you'll actually use)
  • 20 model work experience with in depth feedback and support to earn certificate
  • Bonus 2 hour one on one session with Joy
  • 4 person team dedicated to 24/7 student support
  • Lifetime 20% off supplies purchased at LashJoy
  • Free ongoing product support and troubleshooting
  • $200 referral bonus for any new student you refer
  • Exclusive pricing on our upcoming BookJoy salon scheduling system
  • Opportunity to attend FREE "refresher" training classes each month
  • 50% Discount on Classic Lash Mastery Online Course (35+ hours of content)
  • Opportunity to attend Volume Lash Mastery training when ready
  • $128 pw payment plan available  - able to study now and pay later

Investment = $4,950 / 45 hours = $110 per hour (not factoring in ANY above benefits)

Now, let's look at the average 1 Day Beginners Course...

1 Day Basic Course

  • $900 / 8 hours = $112.50 per hour
  • 8 hours (2 hours practical - sometimes on a live model, sometimes on another student)
  • Basic techniques and often outdated knowledge
  • Learn how to put a lash on someone (no removals, styling, refills, allergies or business advice)
  • Basic Lash Kit with outdated products (i.e. loose lashes, J curl lashes, unusable diameters)
  • Usually no work experience needed to receive certificate
  • No bonus private one on one follow up training session
  • Often delayed response times from trainer when you need support
  • No discounts on essential lash supplies
  • No ongoing product support
  • No referral bonuses for recommending new students
  • No access to exclusive discounts on salon scheduling software
  • No option for FREE "refresher" training classes
  • No access to online courses
  • May or may not have volume training available
  • No payment plan - Must pay in full before attending

Investment = $900 / 8 hours = $112.50 per hour (not factoring in ANY above benefits)

You might be thinking how do I know what other courses do and don't offer?

Well, if I had to guess I'd say about 50% of the 1000+ students I have taught have come to my training AFTER attending one of these 1 Day Courses, only to leave feeling disheartened and lacking the fundamental skills and knowledge needed to apply lashes confidently and safely.

It's then after months of frustration they realise they need more comprehensive training if they are to make it in the industry which is what leads them to finding LashJoy Academy.

This is what I hear on an almost weekly basis from the mouths of literally every second student that enters my classroom. Course after course, year after year.

It's what I read on every other course enrolment form when I ask the question "have you attended an eyelash extensions course before? If so what did you like or dislike about it?"

That's how I know.

So, as I mentioned in the beginning when you are comparing lash courses, make sure you compare apples with apples and not apples with oranges.

Remember that cheaper up front can often mean more expensive in the long run so always base your decision on more than just the price, consider the overall VALUE and the RESULTS, too.

Learn more about our comprehensive Classic Lash Mastery and Volume Lash Mastery courses by visiting or email our team directly at

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