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What Makes LashJoy Academy So Unique?

What Makes LashJoy Academy So Unique?
A fair question for anyone considering a lash course, is what makes LashJoy Academy courses so different from all others on the market?

In a word, I would say "Everything".

We are fully invested in helping to create the most confident, knowledgeable and successful Lash Stylists in Australia and it shows in our student's results and everything that we do.

Not only were we awarded the 2019 "Educator of the Year - Organisation" Award at the Australian Beauty Industry Awards, but we've also helped create more more award-winning Lash stylists than any other Academy in Australia.

Everything we do is to the utmost highest of standards, and as a team we continually strive to set new benchmarks within the eyelash extension industry.

Basically, we eat, sleep and breath the #lashlife :)

What makes us unique...

  • LashJoy Academy Doesn't Run Huge Classes. Our classes are "student focused" and capped at 8 attendee's without exception as we feel this gives the right balance of interaction and one on one attention which leads to better results produced by our students.
  • Highly Experienced Educators. Our trainer’s are not just great lash stylists that dabble in training on the side. Having facilitated over 200 training events across the globe teaching 1,000+ students my expertise is teaching. I also have assistance from up to 5 expert staff per class to ensure smooth running.
  • Our Student Feedback. There is no denying that our students are our brand and the amazing reviews, comments and referrals that we receive daily from our students pushes us to keep delivering on our promise and exceed expectations.
  • Learn Techniques & Tips That Aren’t Widely Known. Many of the techniques I teach were created by me and are never shared publicly, only ever in my classes.Yes I share a lot of techniques on YouTube etc but my "secrets" are only for my paying students.
  • We Create Award-Winning Lash Artists. Whilst I have won my fair share of industry & business awards, what's more satisfying to me is that my academy is responsible for producing more award-winning stylists than any other training facility in Australia.
  • Ongoing Value & Savings. In addition to the comprehensive Lash Kit, all of our student’s also receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off their lash supplies purchased at LashJoy.
  • Exclusive Pricing On Upcoming BookJoy. After 18 months of development we are now super close to releasing the world's first joyful online scheduling system designed by Lash Stylists, for Lash Stylists.
  • World-Class Training Venue. LashJoy HQ is undoubtedly one of the most stunning Training Academy's in the world. 1500 m2 of luxury spread over 5 levels with breathtaking views and state of the art facilities to create the ultimate learning experience.
  • A Mentor For Life. Not only is help always given whenever it is asked for as any of my students will tell you, but I also have a number of full-time staff who provide training and product support to ensure every student has the tools to be successful.
  • Community. Our growing Facebook group exclusive to our students is a refreshing online community where we share ideas, ask questions and empower one another in our lash journey's.
  • Access to Refresher Courses. To help keep our students on the right track we run monthly 1 Day Refresher Courses that are customised to each student's individual needs.
  • Find a LashJoy Artist Directory. Brand new is our online directory designed to help our certified students from all over the world get more clients by connecting with potential lash clients.
Learn more about our comprehensive classic, volume and hybrid lash mastery courses at

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