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Innovation Right In Front of Your Eyes: Peep Our New Lash Tray Design!

Innovation Right In Front of Your Eyes: Peep Our New Lash Tray Design!

When Only the Very Best Lashes Will Do, It Has to Be LashJoy.

Experience the pinnacle of lash excellence with LashJoy's premium collection.

Our meticulously curated eyelash extension trays, crafted from superior Korean PBT faux mink, promise unmatched softness and quality.

Choose from a variety of options, including our plush ultra-soft flat lashes and expertly handcrafted pro-made volume fans, tailored for every lash artist's needs.

Each batch undergoes rigorous quality control, ensuring perfect curl, length, and diameter.

With LashJoy, elevate your artistry and trust that you're using the best lash extensions available.

Key Features:

  • Premium Korean faux mink fibre ensures a natural look and feel.
  • Available in diameters: 0.03, 0.05, 0.07, 0.085, 0.10, 0.12, 0.15, and 0.18.
  • Each tray has 16 lines, totalling around 7000 extensions.
  • Clearly labelled lengths for quick and efficient use.
  • Deep jet-black colour with a semi-matte finish.
  • 2mm foil strip tape ensures easy removal and no sticky residue on your lash tile.
  • All lash batches undergo quality checks for curl, length, and diameter accuracy.
  • Our eyelash extension trays are produced in an ethically responsible factory that firmly opposes child labour, setting us apart from many other lash brands

Shop the collection here.

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