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Flat 4D Narrow Pro Made Volume Fans (1000 Fans)

$31.95 $43.95

Achieve Ultimate Fullness & Texture with Flat Narrow Pro Made Fans.


Introducing LashJoy's brand new Flat 4D Narrow Pro Made Volume Fans - the perfect choice for creating fuller, textured volume and hybrid lash styles!

Individually handcrafted from premium Korean PBT, these 4D fans are ultra-soft and lightweight (weighing approximately half of their equivalent .10 classic lash diameters), which means you can safely increase length without the added weight and stress to your client's natural lashes. Hallelujah!

Thanks to their unique flat design, they are ideal for clients with finer or weaker natural lashes, as they distribute the weight more evenly and reduce the risk of damage.

Please note: Variations may occur in fans since each pro-made fan is handcrafted, similar to when creating your own handmade volume fans.

"I've tried countless pro made fan varieties over the years and have never found a manufacturer that was able to replicate the quality of true handmade volume fans... until now. These are next level amazing to work with! The finished look I'm able to create is 10/10, and the lash retention my clients achieve is no different to when I'm making my own fans by hand."- Joy Crossingham.

Key Features:

  • Narrow Fans:¬†The secret to creating those dense and dark lash lines is by using narrow fans.
  • Weightless Design:¬†Weighing approximately half of their equivalent classic lash diameters, our¬†4D Flat Pro Made Fans¬†allow you to increase length without adding extra weight or stress to your client's natural lashes.
  • Unique Base Design:¬†Our 4D Flat Lash Fans have a unique base design that makes them bond incredibly well to the natural lash, boosting lash retention and ensuring a longer-lasting look.
  • Ultra-Sharp Bases:¬†Combined with short stems to ensure optimal retention and longer-lasting lashes.
  • Luxe Finish:¬†Soft and fluffy with¬†a deep black colour and a semi-matte finish that's not too shiny.
  • Beginner-Friendly:¬†If you can apply classic eyelash extensions, you can apply pro made fans!
  • Premium Quality:¬†Each lash fan is 100% handcrafted by skilled artists using top-tier Korean PBT fibre.
  • Value for Money:¬†One tray of 1000 Pro Made Fans serves 6+ clients (based on 80 fans per eye).
  • Efficient Application:¬†Achieve a full volume set in the same duration as a classic set.
  • Vegan-friendly:¬†Made from cruelty-free synthetic Korean fibre.

  1. We recommend removing a small amount from your tray using clean tweezers and placing them on some microfoam or micropore tape on your lash tile. (Be careful the tape is not too sticky as it may damage the fans).
  2. Create small sections for each size you plan to use.
  3. Carefully pick up a fan, if it's not in the right position, simply place it back down on the tape to adjust and then pick it back up in the correct position and apply.

Our Pro Made Volume Fans are individually handcrafted from premium quality Korean PBT fibre.

Q: What is the difference between Pro Made Volume fans and Pre Made Volume Fans? A: Pro Made Volume Fans are individually hand-made one at a time with a tiny amount of adhesive to "set" the base, whereas Pre Made Fans are made by machine with a heat-sealed base. This difference in manufacturing methods affects the overall look and construction of the fans.

Q: Do I need volume tweezers to be able to apply pro-made volume fans? A: No, you can use any standard classic lash application tweezer to apply pro-made fans. Volume tweezers are not necessary for applying pro-made volume fans.

Q: How many sets of lashes can I create with one tray? A: The number of sets you can create with one tray depends on factors such as lash density, desired lash look, and individual client needs. On average, one tray can last for approximately 6 clients with 85%+ lash coverage. However, since most lash stylists use a mix of lengths, curls, and diameters in their lash sets, the actual number of sets may vary.


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