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Adhesive Cups

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Custom Designed by LashJoy and Proudly Made in Australia.

Introducing our custom-designed lash adhesive cups, proudly made in Australia for LashJoy. These exclusive cups come in two unique styles to cater for all lash application styles from Classic, Volume and Hybrid Lashes, as well as Pre-Made and Pro-Made Fans.

Cup Style 1) 1.5 mm Depth - Best suited to handmade volume and hybrid lash application.

Cup Style 2) 3 mm Depth - Best suited to classic lash application.

Key Features:

  • Unique eco-friendly design reduces application time and minimizes adhesive wastage.
  • Manufactured in sets of 4 chambers per cup, which provides the ideal amount of adhesive for a full set.
  • Flat bottom design for a secure grip on your tile for safe application.
  • Low-profile sides allow for easy dipping from any angle.
  • Volume cups fit 1 drop of adhesive per rectangle chamber, while Classic cups fit 2 drops of adhesive per chamber.
  • Swipe through the V groove to create ultra-thin and compact volume fan bases.
  • Environmentally friendly as they use much less plastic than other adhesive cups.
  • Designed by LashJoy and made in Australia.

Q: Can I reuse the adhesive cups?
A: No, the adhesive cups are intended for single-use only. It is important to use a new set of cups for each application to ensure proper hygiene and prevent contamination.

Q: How do I stick the adhesive cup to my lash tile?
A: We recommend using a small loop of 3M Micropore Tape or a small square of Scotch brand double-sided tape, which can be purchased from Office Works.

Q: Why are there two different adhesive cup sizes?
A: The two different cup sizes ensure the appropriate amount of adhesive is used for different application styles. Our classic cups are 3mm deep, while our volume cups are 1.5mm deep. As long as you touch the bottom of the cup when you dip your extension in, you'll always get the perfect amount of adhesive.

Q: Can I buy these adhesive cups from anywhere else?
A: No, these adhesive cups are exclusively custom-designed for LashJoy and are available only at our store.

Q: How many cups do I need to complete a standard full set of lashes?
A: Based on a 2-hour lash appointment with a fresh drop of adhesive every 30 minutes, you will need 1 cup (4 chambers) to complete a full set.

Q: How many cups do I need for a standard lash refill appointment?
A: Based on a 60-minute refill with your adhesive refreshed every 30 minutes, you will need 1 half cup (2 chambers) to complete a lash refill.


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