Why Enrol with LashJoy Academy?

Here's What Makes Our Academy So Unique


LashJoy Academy Doesn't Run Huge Classes

Our classes are "student focused" with typically just 3 - 6 attendee's as we feel this gives the right balance of interaction and one on one attention which leads to better results produced by our students.

Highly Experienced Educators

Our educators are not just great lash stylists that dabble in training on the side. Having facilitated over 250 training events across the globe teaching 1,500+ students, my expertise is teaching. I also have assistance from multiple staff to ensure every class runs smoothly.

Our Student Feedback

There is no denying that our students are our brand and the amazing reviews, comments and referrals that we receive daily from our students pushes us to keep delivering on our promise and exceed expectations.

Learn Techniques & Tips That Aren’t Widely Known

Many of the techniques I teach were created by me and are never shared publicly, only ever in my classes. Yes, I share a lot of techniques on YouTube etc but my "secrets" are only for my paying students.

We Create Award-Winning Lash Artists

One thing you can't fake is results, and LashJoy students are well known for being at an exceptional standard from the moment they complete their training due to the comprehensiveness of our curriculum and our teaching methods. LashJoy Academy is proud to say that we have helped create more award wining and successful Lash Artists than any other academy in Australia.

Ongoing Value & Savings

In addition to the comprehensive Lash/Brow Kit, all of our student's also receive a Lifetime 20% Discount off their lash supplies purchased at LashJoy among many other benefits and savings.

Exclusive Pricing On Upcoming BookJoy

After 3+ years of development we are now super close to releasing the world's first joyful online scheduling system designed by Lash Stylists, for Lash Stylists. All LashJoy students will have exclusive pricing not available to the general public.

A Mentor For Life

We are always here for our students whenever they need us which has allowed us to build many great relationship over the years. We also have a number of full-time staff who provide training and product support to ensure every student has the tools to be successful.

Supportive Community

Our growing Facebook group exclusive to our students is a refreshing online community where we share ideas, ask questions and empower one another in our lash journey's.

Access to Refresher Courses

To help keep our students on the right track we run monthly 1 Day Refresher Courses that are customised to each student's individual needs.

Find a LashJoy Artist Directory

Our newly launched online directory designed to help our certified students from all over the world get more clients by connecting with potential lash clients. 

Comprehensive Lash/Brow Kit

Included with every course (valued at $600-$900 depending on the course).

Comprehensive Workbook

Students receive a 100+ page in depth training workbook.

Lash Models Provided

We can provide training practice models for our interstate or local students if needed for a small fee.

LashJoy Student Affiliate Program

Students earn "Lash Cash" for referring new students to LashJoy Academy via our exclusive affiliate program.

Brand Ambassadors

Students have the opportunity to become LashJoy Brand Ambassadors with exclusive benefits.

Employment Opportunity

Both within our salon and industry wide (our students are always highly sought-after).

All Future Benefits!

Students will have access to all future benefits we release over time!