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The Real Reason You Shouldn't Overextend Lashes

lash health

Clients always want "longer" lashes, that's probably not going to change anytime soon. Tweet: Clients always want

But as any professional Lash Stylist knows what this really means is that a client wants to be able to see their lashes more when they look at themselves in the mirror.

Think about it, how else can they see their own lashes or have any idea how long their lashes are other than when they look in the mirror?💡🤔

The problem is by increasing length beyond what your clients natural lash can safely handle will add too much weight & therefore cause the natural lash to droop & twist which when looking front on actually makes them appear shorter & the eyes less open.

Over time this damages the follicle causing it to permanently alter the direction that the natural lash grows in! 😳 Similar to tweezing brow hairs in the wrong direction over and over again they begin to grow in crazy directions.

The real problem is this can be permanent, simply stopping the overextending after years of abuse will not “train” the natural lashes to start growing upwards again. 😢

Many years ago Lash Stylists did not have the variety of curls (or general lash knowledge) that we do today so “perceived length” was only ever achieved by adding length.

These days with so many new curls and diameters available we can actually apply shorter & lighter extensions with stronger curls that not only protect our clients lash health, but will look longer than if we simply apply a super long extension because it’s not weighing down the natural lash. 💯🙌

lash health

As professionals Lash Stylists, your clients lash health is your responsibility and it’s important that you educate them on the dangers associated with overextending because nobody wants droopy lashes! 😫😢 Read also our blog post about how to correctly store your lash adhesive.

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