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An Important Message For All Girls In Business

run a successful lash business

Almost daily, my struggle and reason to get up each morning is to help fellow girls understand their self worth.

This usually means an increase in the prices of the services that they offer.

Why not? They’re worth it! Their skill set, knowledge and application has improved a great deal since when they just started out. 

Why would you charge the same as someone that is “CRAP”?

Aren’t you disturbed that the girl down the road who isn’t as skilled as you is charging more and has more clients?

As many of you know, I teach lashes and life skills to run a successful lash business.

On day 1 of training with me I break the shocking news to students that it’s not their responsibility to be affordable to everyone. Jaws drop when I tell them that their clients are probably wasting over $80-100 on groceries that just go off in the fridge every single week.

Why do you feel sorry for your clients? Why do you feel bad about putting your prices up by $10-$15hr? Don’t you know you’re worth it and more?

You might think that $50hr is pretty sweet since you’re working from home but are you REALLY earning $50/hr? It’s probably more like $5 or less profit.

The lasher or girl in business may spend 8hrs a day with her clients but how many hours go into the back end of her business and what about all those other business expenses? Tweet: The lasher may spend 8hrs a day with clients but how many hours go into the backend of business and other expenses?

Girls, every morning you put a smile on your clients face when they look in the mirror and you have boosted their self confidence x10.

Don't forget that and don't ever play down your career as "I just do lashes" because you do so much more than you realise.

Based on the average lash refill of $90-$120, that’s $30-$40 per week for all that fabulousness! Don’t you think that’s great value??

If you haven’t put your prices up in years, IT’S TIME.

If you’re fully booked, IT’S TIME.

Are you struggling to get bookings when you’re really cheap? HELLO! IT’S TIME!!

run a successful lash business

You’re probably turning off clients who think that due to your pricing you’re not very good at what you do or maybe you’re CRAP or don’t use good products...

Where did this blog post come from?

Well, I was reading on a forum about a fellow girl in business who happily pays $65 for a full set of lashes and wondered what the rest of us pay as she’s seen some “pretty ridiculous prices”.

This blog post is not an attack but it definitely struck a nerve so I hope this article acts as an eye opener as to what’s really going on.

$65 lashes is the equivalent of a $15 haircut or a $30 1hr facial. Most of you wouldn't even go there.

At $65 for a full set, the poor lash stylist is not running a business she is running a CHARITY and she would almost be working for free.

The lash stylists in Bali charging $25 would likely have more profit than her.

Around $150 is the average for a good quality full set of classic lashes here in Australia.

$250-$350 is market average for hand made Russian Volume. I personally charge much more than this and still give my clients good value.

I value my self worth and know my skill set, time, energy, ethics, hygiene standards and consistency. I won't be working for $5 profit per hour.

For girls in business reading this little rant please remember that it's not your responsibility to be affordable for EVERYONE and there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.

But first you must value yourself and whatever the service is that you offer before you can expect anybody else to do the same.

*Above pricing is based on Australian B&M Salon pricing.

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  • Bradley on

    Very good read. Thanks

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