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Arriving To Your Lash Appointment Wearing Mascara

arriving to your lash appointment wearing mascara
lash fact

Lash Fact: 💡Lash Techs worldwide can relate to this.. 

Here is something you may want to share with those naughty clients who insist on repeatedly showing up to their Lash appointments wearing mascara and making your life a living hell!

Remember, as a Lash Tech your job is NOT to spend 10, 20 or 30 minutes at the start of each appointment trying to remove mascara (that should not have been there in the first place) and then be expected to apply an amazing set of lashes in record breaking time so you don't run late for your next client!

When clients arrive wearing mascara simply send them to your sink with make up remover and ask them to remove their own mascara ensuring they concentrate on cleansing the base of the natural lashes (both on top and underneath).

This is of course where the extensions will be attached and it's CRUCIAL that the base is as clean as possible for optimum retention.

Also, when clients remove their own mascara they will be much faster and know the right amount of pressure to use. Once done simply prime as usual and begin lashing.

It's also VERY important that if your client books in for a 1 hour appointment for example and they take 15 minutes to remove their mascara that you DO NOT extend their appointment to cover this lost time.

If you do, you're basically telling them that wearing mascara to their appointments is fine and they'll continue to do this for all eternity. Their appointment is now 45 minutes, not 1 hour. Be strong!

Once your clients realise that by wearing mascara to their appointments this means less application time which in turn means less lashes, they will hopefully make the change. If they don't they'll have to be okay with having less lashes applied at each appointment.

From our experience we've found these clients are typically only applying mascara in the last week leading up to their refill, around week 3 or 4.

Why not suggest they come in for a shorter refill sooner rather than having their lashes look gappy and grown out for the week before their longer refill? 🤔

This way their lashes are always looking their best and they won't be tempted to apply mascara and risk being stabbed by you at their next appointment!

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  • Lorry Egan on

    It’s always nice to get cobfirmation or to be validated. Seeing that others may have same or similar issues in their practices; and seeing how the many ways to resolve those issues can be extremely helpful!

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