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Stop Chasing the "Best Adhesive"

Stop Chasing the "Best Adhesive"

A question we hear all the time.. "What's the BEST Adhesive"? 

Unfortunately there's no magic adhesive formula that's going to give everyone who uses it AMAZING retention.

Of course there are some eyelash extension adhesives that are better than others but if you're still using "outdated" techniques, or your knowledge is insufficient or if your clients don't understand what correct aftercare means.. the best adhesive in the world isn't going to save you 

Below are some tips that will be far more useful to improve your clients lash retention than simply chasing that "Magic Glue" 

Avoid "swiping" or "painting" the lash with the adhesive prior to placement. Tweet: Avoid

Instead of wiping excess adhesive on eyepads or tape, simply re-dip to get the correct amount.

Isolate before dipping into the adhesive to avoid a "skin" developing prior to applying.

Store adhesive upright with lid on tight in a small air-tight container with an oxygen absorber away from temperature fluctuations. I.e cupboard or drawer. NOT in the fridge. Replace every 30 days.

Refresh adhesive at least every 45 mins during application or BEFORE you notice it getting thick/tacky.

Invest in a hygrometer so you know what your lash room conditions are at all times.

Stock both a high and a low humidity adhesive so you can swap between them depending on the conditions that day. I.e rainy days often means higher humidity so rather than trying to change your conditions with dehumidifiers / air con to suit your adhesive (which takes hours and is super frustrating) simply switch formulas.

Prime the lashes for every appointment and do it properly (not just wetting the lashes, actually cleaning them) and tape up if needed to clean between the layers, concentrating on making the bases of the natural lashes as clean as possible.

Be very careful if using nano misters / nebulisers as it's very easy to over saturate the lashes. We personally don't recommend using them at all.

Advise clients to not just clean their lashes daily, but to do so using a specialty lash cleanser. Unfortunately many standard cleansers carry ingredients that break down the adhesive ruining all your hard work!

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