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What’s Really Causing Your Retention Issues?

Joy Crossingham

retention issuesSo often we hear Lash Tech’s blame the lash adhesive when they have lash retention issues, we have found this is not always the real cause.

Often a clients poor lash retention can be caused by something that’s gotten on the natural lashes BEFORE their appointment. Ie moisturiser, oils, mascara etc or perhaps they just haven’t cleansed their lashes properly with a specialty lash cleanser and there is a build up of natural oils or make up creating a barrier between the natural lash and the extension.

Yes you can (and should) cleanse and prime before the application, but often the oils have already absorbed into the natural lash and no matter what you do your clients lash retention will not be as good.

The downside here is who do you think gets the blame for the poor retention? The Lash Stylist.

And who does the Lash Stylist usually blame?

The poor glue.

But regardless of how good the lash adhesive may be, it still can’t do its job properly if the surface of the natural lash isn’t completely clean to begin with.

So it’s not the glues fault.

The lesson to learn here is to make sure you educate your clients about the importance of regular cleansing with a lash extension friendly cleanser (because many standard cleansers are not compatible with eyelash extensions), what correct aftercare REALLY means and let them know what products they must keep away from their Lashes at all times if they want to have the best possible lash retention.

Optimum lash retention is a combination of the Lash Stylists skill + quality of products used + the clients before/aftercare of their lashes. Unfortunately missing just one of these elements will lead to inconsistent retention and endless frustration for both you and your clients.

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