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3 Simple Aftercare Tips For Lash Lovers

Aftercare Lash Tips
You LOVE your extensions, you spend a considerable amount of your hard earned money on them every few weeks.. so it only makes sense to ensure you understand correct aftercare so they last as long as possible, don’t you think?

We all know it’s easy to blame the Lash Stylist or their adhesive etc when your lashes don’t last, but if you’re not following correct aftercare there’s a good chance you could be unknowingly shortening the life of your extensions.😥

If it is, don’t stress! Here are 3 aftercare tips you can implement that will greatly IMPROVE your lash retention!

1. Use an eyelash extension friendly cleanser DAILY, not just any cleanser as most will do more harm than good for your extensions. TIP: Your lash cleanser should be used last in your routine to remove the residue from any other products used.

2. Keep oily products such as moisturisers, sunscreens, spray tans etc, AWAY from your lashes at all times! (extensions and oils don’t play nice)

3. NO mascara! This stuff is a Lash Stylists worst nightmare and coats your natural lash in a concrete like residue that is near impossible to completely remove and is GUARANTEED to SHORTEN your lash retention.

TIP: If you find yourself tempted to wear mascara try coming in sooner for a refill. Your Lash Stylist will be able to apply MORE lashes if they don’t have to waste time cleaning off your mascara and as a result of applying to a clean surface your extensions will last LONGER!💡

Following these 3 Simple Aftercare Tips will help ensure your lashes stay HEALTHY, your extensions last LONGER, and you’ll also likely become your Lash Stylist’s new favourite client! ❤️

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