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Using Anchor Points for Fast & Precise Lash Application

Using Anchor Points for Fast and Precise Lash Application

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In this tutorial, I demonstrate my custom anchor points for fast and precise application, and WHY they are so important.

You may have heard the saying “to change the big things, you first must change the little things”.

Well, this couldn’t be more true if you’re ever to become a true Lash Master.

For example, by simply changing something small like mastering your anchor points, you can actually change the “big” things that every Lash Stylist cares so much about, such as being able to: 

1. Apply Lashes Faster 
2. Create Less Stickies 
3. Have Better Attachment 
4. Improve Lash Retention 
5. Safer Application

All of the above (plus many more) can be greatly improved by mastering something as small and basic as being as stable and comfortable as possible during your application. 

Having multiple anchor points as shown in our tutorial combined with correct posture (straight back + low chair and high bed) will mean you can be comfortable for longer periods of time which in turn means less shaking when you apply which = much faster application. 

Having multiple anchor points allows you to be extremely precise when applying which helps to ensure you’re not creating unnecessary stickies because you’re not hovering over the lash hoping it attaches where it’s meant to. 

This also helps to ensure your extension bases are well attached, which is a major factor in improving Lash Retention. 

P.S - Forgive the “up the nose” shots but they were necessary to demonstrate the correct anchor points! Luckily, our lash model Ash has a lovely nose, too!

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