Talented Lash Stylist or Expert Photo Shopper?

If there's one thing that we here at LashJoy will never agree with... it's the dishonest practice of photoshopping lash work. Tweet: If there's one thing that we here at LashJoy will never agree with. It's the dishonest practice of photoshopping lash work. #lashphotography

Sadly, it's something that seems to be on the increase!

So are we against editing photos? Not at all. We do it ourselves. Skin retouching to even out the complexion or whitening of the eyes (if needed) in our opinion is acceptable.

But it's when you start altering the lashes by adding mysterious "black clouds" behind the lashes to fill gaps, or removing the tips of lashes to hide flaws in blending or adding certain filters to darken the lashes giving them a denser appearance, that it becomes dishonest and unacceptable in our opinion.

For us, we can spot fake work in a second, but it seems many cannot and are often tricked.

The real issue that we have with this practice is that it creates unrealistic expectations for Lash Stylists who think their work isn't as good as another's (or any good at all), not knowing that the work they're comparing their's with has been photoshopped. It also sets unrealistic expectations for clients which is not a good thing either.

So the next time you find yourself super envious of someone's work, take a closer look to see if the beautiful work is in fact the result of talented Lash application, or is it just another case of slick photo-shopping?

To all of the incredibly talented Lash Stylists out there that share our beliefs on this and will only ever post honest work, we have nothing but admiration and respect for you and hope you never change!

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