Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course
Classic Lash Mastery Course

5 Day Classic Lash Mastery Course

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Often referred to as “the most comprehensive beginners eyelash extension course in Australia”, 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery encompasses the safe and professional application of eyelash extensions to the highest standards, along with the key business strategies Joy has used to build one of the most successful Lash Businesses in the country.

The course is highly “pracademic” with 5 live supervised model practices supported by in-depth theory sessions, business and marketing, and much more to ensure that every student leaves equipped with the essential skills and knowledge to be successful from day one.

Once you have completed your 5 Day training your 20 model work experience then begins whereby you are required to submit photographic evidence of 20 full sets (or refills) completed by you which are reviewed by our assessment team before issuing your Certificate of Achievement.

After all of this has taken place you then have the option to come back for a Bonus 2 hour one on one training session with Joy, usually within the first 3 to 6 months to recap and fine-tune your skills. The improvement seen after this session is nothing short of amazing!

We like to call this our “business in a box” course because essentially this course is our blueprint to becoming not just a highly-skilled Lash Stylist, but also how to run a successful lash business.

If you are a beginner with zero experience or have previously attended a 1 day "crash course" somewhere else and left disappointed and lacking the confidence to be a Lash Stylist, this is the course you need to attend.

Upon meeting the course requirements you'll receive a “Certificate of Achievement" certifying you as an Eyelash Extension Technician by Joy Crossingham of LashJoy Academy.

Day 1 – Orientation + Joy's Golden Rules + Fundamental Techniques

Start: 10:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • History of Eyelash Extensions
  • OH&S, administration, insurances, career pathways
  • Your lifetime 20% discount at LashJoy
  • Applying safe and hygienic work practices
  • Joy’s Golden Rules for being a Lash Professional
  • Eyelash extension release form and consultation
  • Understanding the lash growth cycle
  • Tweezer grip, posture, and anchor points
  • How to isolate lashes correctly and efficiently
  • How to safely apply eyepads
  • How to prime and prepare the natural lashes
  • How to apply an extension to a lash
  • How to manually peel apart lash “stickies”

*Practice above techniques on mannequin

Day 2 – Eyelash Extension Styling + Identify Allergies & Sensitivities 

Start: 10:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • Assess client face and eyes
  • Working with different eye shapes
  • Understanding different extension fibres, curls, and diameters
  • How to map designs and apply different eye styles
  • Identify common allergies, sensitivities, and eye conditions
  • Troubleshooting difficult client situations
  • How to deal with client complaints (and how not to)
  • How to check for and remove lash stickies to ensure no damage
  • Live application demonstration by Joy
  • Lash Photography – creating Instagram worthy pictures

*Practice on a mannequin and 1 x 3 hour live supervised model practice

Day 3 – The A-Z of Maximising Client Lash Retention 

Start: 10:30 AM / Finish: 8:30 PM

  • Understanding how adhesives work and how to choose one that's right for you
  • Troubleshooting common issues with the adhesive
  • The importance of client aftercare and its role in lash retention
  • Other less common factors that affect lash retention
  • Most Important: How to accurately troubleshoot why lashes may not be lasting

*2 x 3 hour live supervised model practice sessions

Day 4 – Marketing, Social Media, and Business Strategies

Start: 9:30 AM / Finish: 6:30 PM

  • Strategies for designing your lash menu 
  • How to correctly price your services
  • Best practices for running special offers
  • Why is marketing so important to your success?
  • Defining who your ideal client is (and isn’t)
  • Marketing on a shoestring budget
  • Unique strategies for keeping clients happy and coming back
  • How to create Facebook ads that generate new bookings
  • The Do’s & Don'ts of Social Media
  • How to know what content types to post for maximum results  
  • What’s currently working for Instagram (and what’s not)
  • Why you need and Online Booking System (and how to choose one)
  • Our favourite apps and productivity resources

*1 x 3 hour live supervised model practice session

Day 5 – Refills, Removals, and Introduction to Volume Lashing

Start: 10:30 AM / Finish: 7:30 PM

  • What’s in your LashJoy Kit
  • How to conduct efficient refills [Live demonstration]
  • Speed lashing techniques
  • Stacking and capping techniques
  • How to apply classic lower lashes
  • How to correctly apply pre-made volume fans 
  • How to apply 2D lash combinations 
  • How to conduct a lash removal using LashJoy remover cream

*1 x 3 hour live supervised model practice session

End of Course Celebration

6:30 PM to 7:30 PM - Upon completing the final model practice on day 5 we like to wind down and pop some champagne to celebrate completing 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery!

Total Course Duration

Model Practice Time = 12 hours approximately (4 models)

Theory Component = 20 hours approximately

Total = 32 hours over 4 days


In addition to the 3 full days of comprehensive training, as a LashJoy student you will also receive:

  • Daily Lunch, Drinks and Snacks Provided
  • Free Lash Kit (Valued at over $700)
  • Lifetime 20% Discount at LashJoy
  • Comprehensive Training Workbook + Certificate Upon Successful Course Completion
  • Lifetime Access to Our Dedicated Support Team
  • Access to 1 Day Refresher Courses
  • Access to Private Facebook Group
  • Exclusive Pricing On Upcoming BookJoy
  • LashJoy VIP Affiliate Program
  • LashJoy Eagles Student App
  • Find a LashJoy Artist Directory
  • More Exclusive Benefits

Both our 4 and 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery Courses are suitable for complete beginners with zero lash or beauty experience, or if you are a new Lash Stylists that have attended a "crash course' elsewhere and are not feeling confident in their lash application techniques and knowledge.

The only prerequisites to attend this course is that you have good eyesight (you may need to wear glasses for applying which is very common) and that you have a passion for helping others feel more beautiful and confident in themselves. Everything else can be taught.

After meeting the course requirements you'll be issued with a Certificate of Completion certifying you as a Volume Eyelash Extension Specialist by Joy Crossingham of LashJoy Academy.

All in-person courses are held at LashJoy Academy, Brisbane.

Whilst we typically have 50% or more of our students attend from interstate or overseas, if you're unable to travel to Brisbane you may wish to consider our Classic Lash Mastery Online Course instead.

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