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My Students Are My Brand

My Students Are My Brand

When I first began teaching women how to become expert Lash Stylists back in 2015 I obviously had no students to begin with, so students who chose to enrol in my training courses back then did so purely based on the quality of lash work that I was producing myself.

What makes me incredibly proud is that 3 years, 1000+ students & 150+ events later, the primary reason students are now choosing to attend my training is because of the amazing results they see MY STUDENTS achieving!

To me this is so much more rewarding to hear because in my opinion my personal lash work should be perfectly flawless, I’ve only had a decade of experience and about 20,000 practice sessions!

These days I post much fewer pictures of my own work in favour of showcasing my students work, yet my courses are in higher demand than ever. Most events sell out months ahead of time and the main reason why is because of my proven ability to get award-winning results out of others.

In fact, LashJoy Academy produces more award-winning Lash Stylists than any other eyelash extension training facilities in Australia.

I love the fact that a student who attends my training can be brand new (never having picked up a pair of lash tweezers in their life) and within 5 days I can teach them the skills & knowledge to slingshot them to where most lash stylists with 12+ months experience are at!

Now, give me a Lash Stylist with several years experience and in 2 or 3 days I can help them make such massive improvements in their overall lash business that they leave my training not just as a far better Lash Stylist, but also a new and improved version of themselves!

To all my students (both past and those yet to attend), I wish you nothing but happiness and success and will always be here to support your journey in any way that I can!

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