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How to Choose the Right Lash Course (for you!)

How to Choose the Right Lash Course

How to Choose the Right Lash Course (for you!)

If you're on this page reading this blog it's most likely because you're in the research phase of choosing which lash course provider to enrol with.

And whether you choose a course with LashJoy Academy or someone else, we're happy to help make the choice a little easier by highlighting some things which you may not have considered yet.

A quick Google search and you'll see that these days there is an overwhelming amount of choice for eyelash extension training, however, as every lash course is different and every lash educator teaches to different standards based on their personal experience level, it means there is a huge contrast in the competency of Lash Stylists worldwide.

This is why if becoming a professional Lash Stylist is your goal you should not rush your research stage as who you choose to train with ultimately play a major role in shaping the artist you will become and your success for years to come.

Attending a cheap, basic lash course and "figuring it out as you go" is a common mistake we see aspiring Lash Stylists make simply because when entering the industry many underestimate just how much there is to learn and assume all courses should be more or less the same, which is just not the case.

Here are 15 tips for choosing the right lash course:

  1. Look for value vs cheapest price - this means factoring in all benefits, incentives, lash kits, ongoing discounts and their value to you.
  2. Read the reviews from previous students! Ask for opinions on social forums and try to connect with past students for their honest feedback. 
  3. Choose a lash educator who is where you aspire to be and has a proven track record in helping to create successful lash artists.
  4. Don't restrict yourself to only attending a lash course in your city, sometimes it's worthwhile to travel interstate for the best possible course.
  5. Look for a course that has a post-training support system in place (you will need it! especially in your first few months) that allows you to get feedback after your course. Ask them about it! 
  6. Ask how students are certified and what is the process? The more detailed the lash certification process the better as you know that the expected standards are high and the educator cares about your results.
  7. Choose an established lash educator with proven results vs a Lash Stylist who offers lash training on the side. There's a big difference between being a great lash stylist vs being a great lash educator.
  8. Look for ongoing benefits such as lash product discounts as these will save you money for years to come. 
  9. Don't worry about looking for a lash course that is "nationally accredited" as this is not a requirement in Australia and is typically only used as a marketing ploy to appear more credible. Now you know! 
  10. Check the lash educator's social presence (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc) and see if their vibe matches what you're looking for.
  11. Do not attend a 1 or 2-day beginner lash course under any circumstance - it is just not possible to safely learn how to apply eyelash extensions in such a short amount of time.
  12. Avoid beginner lash courses that try to combine Classic, Volume & Hybrid lashing in one course. This would be like a baby learning how to crawl, walk & run all at once. Painful and frustrating.
  13. Choose an educator with a vast amount of experience - if they are still in the lash industry after 10+ years it shows they're not only dedicated and passionate but also have a wealth of knowledge to share.
  14. If considering an online lash course, first consider your own learning style as online learning is not for everyone.
  15. Go with your gut! After doing all your research, choose the lash educator that feels right for you!

Still not sure? We are here to answer any questions you may have about our lash and brow courses - or just the industry in general. Feel free to reach out to us via our contact page.

If you've done your research and you're ready to enrol, you can save 20% off any of our courses by using the code LJA20 at checkout.

Happy lashing!

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