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Why Cat Eye Lash Styling Makes Most People Look 10 Years Older

Why Cat Eye Lash Styling Makes Most People Look 10 Years Older

Whilst it’s one of the most requested styles, a “cat eye” look where the longest extensions are applied to the outer edge is for most people unfortunately the least flattering style they can choose.

The reason for this is that for the majority of us our natural lashes on the outer edge of our lash line are the shortest lashes and they also tend to naturally point downwards.

By adding a long extension to a short lash that is already downwards pointing is a recipe for disaster. Instead of opening the eyes up this cat eye look will do the opposite, causing the outer lashes to droop which leads to the eyes appearing LESS OPEN.

AKA sad, drooping, ageing eyes which nobody wants.

Something that professional Lash Stylists have known for years is that just because they’re called “eyelash extensions” it does not mean as stylists that we always have to extend the lashes!

In fact, some of our award winning work has been achieved by either MATCHING the natural lash length or even applying SHORTER than the natural lash length when trying to achieve more fullness.

It’s important to note as Lash Stylists we are in the business of EYELASH ENHANCEMENT, which means we assess each clients face/eyes/lashes/brows and then use multiple extension lengths, we adjust the curl, the diameter all to create a finished look and style that best suits that individual client.

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