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Australia's Best Beginner Lash Course: Get Qualfied In 5 Days

Australia's Best Beginner Lash Course: Get Qualfied In 5 Days

Welcome to LashJoy Academy where since 2015 our sole focus as Australia's leading lash academy has been to provide the most comprehensive training to empower our students to become some of the most highly-skilled lash stylists in Australia.

As we often say, "Our Students Are Our Brand" and there is no denying that LashJoy graduates are renowned for their expertise and unrivalled quality of work.

We're thrilled to invite you to join their ranks with the course that gave them their start... 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery.

Master the Art of Classic Eyelash Extensions

Our 5 Day Classic Lash Mastery foundation course is the perfect place to start your lash journey. Under the guidance of internationally-renowned lash educator Joy Crossingham, you'll develop the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel from day one.

Through extensive model practice and in-depth theory sessions, you'll learn to apply lashes to the highest standard. In addition to developing good lashing habits, Joy and her team will also teach you vital business skills to help you establish a lucrative lash business in this booming industry.

Our course covers everything from classic full sets to hybrid/volume full sets using pre-made fans, lash refills, lower lash application, and eyelash extension removals. You'll also have the opportunity to practice your new skills on five live models, under the guidance of your experienced educators.

Here's a breakdown of what you'll learn in our comprehensive course:

Day 1 – Joy's Golden Rules + Fundamental Techniques

On day one, you'll learn about the history of eyelash extensions, OH&S and professionalism, safe and hygienic work practices, and Joy's Golden Rules. You'll also learn about the lash growth cycle, tweezer hold and posture, isolating lashes correctly, and preparing your client for eyelash extension application. You'll then have supervised practice on a mannequin.

Day 2 – Eyelash Extension Styling + Working with Clients

Day two covers extension fibres, curls, and diameters, assessing client features, how to map lash designs, and identifying common allergies, sensitivities, and eye conditions. You'll also learn how to troubleshoot difficult client scenarios, identify and remove stickies for damage-free lashes, and take lash photography. You'll then have three hours of supervised live model practice.

Day 3 – The A-Z of Maximising Client Lash Retention

On day three, you'll learn about lash adhesives and how to troubleshoot common adhesive issues. You'll also learn about client aftercare and other factors that affect retention, as well as how to troubleshoot poor retention. You'll then have two, three-hour supervised live model practice sessions.

Day 4 – Marketing + Business Strategies

Day four is all about marketing and business strategies. You'll learn about designing and pricing your lash menu, defining your ideal client, unique client retention strategies, marketing on a budget, and effective social media content. You'll also learn about Facebook and Instagram success and online booking systems. You'll then have three hours of supervised live model practice.

Day 5 – Refills, Removals, + Advanced Techniques

On the final day of the course, you'll learn about stocking your lash kit, conducting efficient refills, speed lashing techniques, classic lower lashes, safely applying pre-made volume fans, and 2D lash combinations. You'll also learn about removing eyelash extensions and then have three hours of supervised live model practice.

All up, you'll spend approximately 15-20 hours perfecting your lash application skills on live models under Joy's supervision and another 25-30 hours understanding the essential theory to ensure you leave confident and capable.

Post-Training Work Experience 

After completing your 5 days of training you will then complete 20 lash sets as work experience in your own time and submit photos for review. This can be friends, family, etc. 

During your work experience stage our team will provide you with detailed and constructive feedback for you to implement into your lash sets and to help you improve.

By the end of the 20 models you'll have made tremendous progress and the standard at which you will be will be able to apply eyelash extensions will be on par with most lash artists with 1-2 years of experience.

And once you have 1-2 years of experience following our methods, you'll not only have all the tools and knowledge to establish a successful salon, but you'll also have earnt your spot among the most elite lash artists within Australia.

View our course collection and start your lash career the right way with Australia's leading lash & brow training academy!

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