Ultra Thin Eyepads - Shape A

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NOTE: Only shape A eyepads are available at present.

LashJoy Ultra Thin Premium Eye Pads are lint-free and super flexible. 

  • Available in two contoured designs to suit every face and eye shape
  • Adhere well to the skin to minimise the risk of slipping into the eye during treatment
  • Perfect for use with 3M Tape to keep lower lashes secured during eyelash extension application or while performing a lash lift
  • Ideal for protecting the skin underneath lower eyelashes when removing eyelash extensions or tinting lashes
  • Strong enough to be compatible with eyelash extension cream remover - which can soak through some types of eyepads
  • These eyepads are thin enough to be very easy to apply, while still maintaining client comfort
  • Very low gel content to minimise the chance of this leaking into the eyes 
  • Vegan Product

Ingredients: Water, Glycerol, Aloe Vera Extract & Vitamin C

Watch our YouTube Tutorial demonstrating our unique methods for eyepad application, priming and taping.

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