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sticky checker
sticky checker

Lash Sticky Checker

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The lash sticky checker is perfect for use for both lash lift and eyelash extension appointments.

Black and silver colour

  • L-shaped foot easily pulls lashes up onto the rod/shield without missing any of the shorter or baby lashes
  • The very sharp tip is perfect for separating the lashes once adhered to the rod/shield to ensure they are placed in the ideal position
  • The angle of the foot makes this tool ideal for gently adjusting any top lashes that may have been secured underneath eyepads or tape accidentally
  • Ergonomic handle makes the tool easy to hold and comfortable to use.

Care Instructions

  • Keep tool free from adhesive build up.
  • Store properly, either in soft case or wallet to avoid damage to tips. 
  • ALWAYS leave tools in disinfectant solution for the manufacturer's recommended time only. Long periods of soaking may cause the solution to corrode the tools.

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