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LashJoy Academy Artist Spotlight | Aura Lash and Brow Boutique

LashJoy Academy Artist Spotlight | Aura Lash and Brow Boutique

In this LashJoy Artist Spotlight Article we get to know Katie Peuser - the talented artist and founder of Aura Lash and Brow Boutique. Enjoy!

Aura Lash & Brow Boutique Trained by LashJoy Academy

So Katie! What made you want to become a Lash Artist and what were you doing before the #lashlife took over?

I completed my diploma in beauty therapy in 2012 and really only enjoyed doing lashes and brows the most and wanted to focus on what I thought I would be best at.

Aura Lash & Brow Boutique Trained by LashJoy Academy

Why did you choose to enrol with LashJoy Academy and which courses have you completed?

LashJoy was mentioned to me by another amazing lash artist when deciding where I would do my courses, after hearing all of the amazing feedback from her I decided to train with LashJoy and complete my classic 5 day course and than 2 years later complete my volume lash mastery course.

Aura Lash & Brow Boutique Trained by LashJoy Academy

What was your experience like training with LashJoy Academy?

Absolutely loved it 😍 Joy is such an amazing teacher and will guide you through every minor detail until you’ve got it defiantly no cutting corners with joy and that’s probably the best thing about it and the best way to become your best.

What do you think the advantages are of training with LashJoy Academy vs other training providers? A lot more detail and more time to spend going over everything. I love that even once finished the course you have a target to meet before actually receiving your certificate, it just makes you work harder to receive it

Tell us about your business. What year did you open and what services do you currently offer?

I started Aura lash and brow boutique after completing my 5 day classic lash mastery with joy in 2020 after this I always new I wanted to get into brows and be solely a lash and brow boutique so I also completed the brow art course at LashJoy with Lucy who is also amazing. I then went in to complete eyebrow tattooing with a few different places until I was happy with my work.

I still have further lash and brow courses booked as I plan on continuing to learn and always want to keep up to date with new trends and ways of doing things.

Aura Lash & Brow Boutique Trained by LashJoy Academy

What are your favourite lash & brow services and why? My favourite lash service is definitely a handmade wispy set I love how you can completely alter the handmade sets to suit every single persons lashes and eyes.

My favourite brow service is definitely and ombré brow tattoo or a nice subtle henna brow. I absolutely love doing my brow work and transforming peoples faces just through a simple brow change.

Aura Lash & Brow Boutique Trained by LashJoy Academy

What's next for you and your business? To continue learning and hopefully expanding my business through bringing on some staff in the future!

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