Aquila Duo

Aquila Duo Pack Adhesive Glue

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Aquila Adhesive Duo Twin Pack

*NOW includes complimentary Adhesive Pins.

Pick your favourite 2 Aquila Adhesives

  • LOW (22 -25° and between 35-55% humidity)
  • MEDIUM (23 -27° and between 50-70% humidity)
  • HIGH (25 -27° and between 57-75% humidity)
  • When choosing an adhesive, take your workplace humidity, temperature and application style into account
  • Low fume formula assists in reducing eye irritation
  • Rich, black pigment helps to darken your clients lash line (Don't forget you still need a bead at the base)
  • Suitable for use on both Classic and Volume eyelash extensions
  • Ideal for use with LashJoy Primer to further increase retention
  • Vegan Product
  • Latex Free
  • For experienced Lash Professionals

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