1 Day "1-on-1" Classic Refresher Course
1 Day "1-on-1" Classic Refresher Course

1 Day "1-on-1" Classic Refresher Course

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Created for Lash Stylists trained in classic lash application who want to take their skills and business to the next level. This 1 Day Course is the ultimate 1 on 1 classic lash mentoring experience facilitated by LashJoy CEO and Lead Educator, Joy Crossingham.

Whether you've previously attended a course and just not feeling confident in what you're doing and want some expert guidance, or you'd like to work on specific topics such as improving your application speed, lash retention, styling, or something else...

This 1-day masterclass is for you.

Spend a full day (10:30 am - 6:30 pm) uninterrupted with just yourself and Joy working on the areas that matter most to you and leave with the practical skills, knowledge and confidence to transform your business.