LashJoy Academy

LashJoy Academy

LashJoy Academy seeks to improve the quality of work in the Eyelash Extension industry because it seems many grossly underestimate the skills required to perform this service at a safe, hygienic and professional standard.

Our in-person training events are capped at a maximum of 8 participants and are facilitated by Internationally Awarded Master Lash Stylist, Joy Crossingham.

As the passionate owner of multiple thriving Lash Extension businesses, Joy Crossingham has certainly earned her reputation as not only one of the industry’s leading Lash Stylists, but also a highly respected Lash Educator.

Starting out as a solo mobile Lash Stylist, Joy now leads a highly skilled team of over twenty staff who share her passion for the industry and love to provide outstanding service to clients.

Having contributed to the industry for over a decade now, Joy is a highly-sought keynote speaker, master stylist, competition judge and educator who finds great pride in assisting others to achieve their full capabilities as professional Lash Stylists.

The rising success of her career has allowed Joy to facilitate over 150 training workshops, educating more than 1000 students from a variety of backgrounds. Now, with the release of her online training platform, Joy is excited to share her extensive knowledge and inspire others on a much wider scale.

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become a world class lash stylist

Why learn from us?

There are so many companies offering intensive, 4 hour or 1 day eyelash extension training courses that unfortunately do not teach the fundamental working knowledge and skills necessary, nor do they enable the student sufficient practice time.

The end result virtually 100% of the time is a lash technician that lacks the skills, confidence and knowledge to perform their job at a safe and high standard.

You may have already attended one of these short lash courses yourself and can relate to what we are saying.

The aim of the comprehensive eyelash extension training courses offered by LashJoy Academy is to give aspiring Lash Stylists a genuine opportunity to learn the Art of Eyelash Extension application at a realistic pace that will give them a solid foundation to build a successful and rewarding lash career.

As such, our in-person and online beginners lash courses are not 4 hours, they are 40+ hours. They are designed to be highly “pracademic”, a mix of both practical application supported by the essential theory component.

The end result is an expertly trained, confident and knowledgeable Lash Stylist who is prepared to be successful from the moment they complete the lash course.

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Joy Crossingham