Rainbow Eyelash Extension Tweezers
Rainbow Tweezers
Classic Long Foot Tweezers
Straight Tweezers
Short Foot Classic Tweezers
Skinny Long Foot Tweezers
Skinny Short Foot Tweezers
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Rainbow Eyelash Extension Tweezer Case
Slanted Brow Tweezers
Rainbow Tweezers
Rainbow Tweezers

Rainbow Tweezers (Per Piece)

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Rainbow Tweezers (Per Piece) by LashJoy

    Suitable for Classic Lashing
    • Option A: Classic Long Foot Tweezers
    • Option B: Straight Tweezers
    • Option C: Short Foot Classic Tweezers
    • Option D: Skinny Long Foot Tweezers
    • Option E: Skinny Short Foot Tweezers
    • Option F: Mini Foot Tweezers
    • Option G: Black LashJoy Magnetic Storage Case
    • *Black Magnetic Case purchased separately with Option G
    • OPTION H - Slanted Brow Tweezers
    • OPTION I - Heavy Duty Skinny Flat Tweezers
    • OPTION J - Heavy Duty Straight Isolating Tweezers
    • OPTION K - Curved Isolating Tweezers

    Rainbow Colour placement varies between tweezers.

    Black Magnetic Case purchased separately with Option G.

    *Note: Tweezers sold per piece. Full case pictured for display purposes only*

    Watch our YouTube Tutorial on Classic Lash Application Techniques from Master Lash Educator, Joy Crossingham.


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