Tweezerman Slant Brow Tweezer
Tweezerman Slant Brow Tweezer
Pink Tweezerman Slant Brow Tweezers
Tweezerman Slant Brow Tweezers
Tweezerman Slant Brow Tweezers

Tweezerman Slant Brow Tweezers

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Tweeze to perfection with the Tweezerman Award-winning Slant Tweezers for expert brow shaping. The perfectly aligned, hand-filed tips are slanted to grab every hair, every time, with the smoothest, true precision.

  • 25-degree slanted tip is the perfect angle for achieving high-definition brows 
  • Stainless steel is long-lasting and easy to clean.
  • Hand-finished, perfectly aligned tips grab every hair, every time.

Matte black handle with silver stainless steel tips.

How to Clean and Store Your Tweezers:

Step 1) Remove any adhesive residue by soaking the tips of the tweezers in acetone for 2 minutes.

Step 2) Lightly scrub tweezers using a mascara brush and soapy water.

Step 3) Soak tweezers in hospital-grade disinfectant, ensuring to follow the manufacturer's guidelines (avoid over-soaking to prevent corrosion and do not use bleach or ammonia-based solvents, as they can also damage the finish).

Step 4) Rinse thoroughly under clean water and allow the tweezers to air dry on a clean paper towel.

Step 5) Once completely dry, store your tweezers in a sterile, closed container or a soft pouch to prevent damage to the tips.

Step 6) For maximum hygiene, wipe the tweezer tips with an alcohol wipe immediately prior to us

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