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Lash Retention 101 Online Course


Master the Science of Lash Retention & Boost Your Client Retention.

Lash Retention 101 - Mastering Eyelash Extension Retention comprises 2 hours of professionally filmed HD technique and theory-based tutorials spread over 7 modules covering the A-Z of lash retention.

Facilitated by award-winning educator Joy Crossingham, this course has been created to assist Lash Stylists of all experience levels to understand (and master) the science of lash retention, which ultimately means Client Retention.

During the course, Joy draws on her extensive experience to teach you what actually works, what doesn't, and how to troubleshoot like a professional so you're always in control no matter what the situation is!

No more jumping on lash forums asking questions like "Help! All my client's extensions fell out, and I don't know why?" To then receive 50 comments of advice (all contradicting one another) from people you don't know before the thread turns nasty as they often do on those forums.

No more giving out free refill after free refill when your products or techniques are not to blame for your client's poor retention.

After completing this course, you will know if a client's retention issues have been caused by you, by them, your products or something else.

Most importantly, you will know how to quickly correct it to prevent it from happening again and again and again!

Lash Retention 101 Online was created for:

  • Lash stylists who want a deeper understanding of what truly affects their client's lash retention.
  • Lash stylists who are tired of feeling forced into giving free refills for retention issues that aren't their fault, but they're unsure how to educate their clients correctly.
  • Lash stylists who want to improve their lash retention to see a boost in their client retention.

By completing this course, you'll have a rock-solid understanding of all the factors that can affect your client's lash retention.

Most importantly, you'll know how to troubleshoot when things go wrong to identify the true cause of your client's lash retention disaster so you can prevent it from happening again.

Here's a look at what's covered:

Course Introduction

  • Welcome message from Joy
  • Seeking correct information
  • What is lash retention?
  • Course Overview

Module 1 - Client Preparation

  • Why preparation is key
  • Why do clients need to clean their lashes?
  • Will any cleanser do?
  • Free lash cleanser samples
  • Educating new clients before they arrive

Module 2 - Stylist Preparation

  • Arriving with clean lashes + more lashing time
  • How to prepare lashes using tape

Module 3 - Products

  • Understanding the importance of adhesive
  • How adhesive actually works
  • How the professionals choose adhesive
  • Mixing adhesive: shaking vs vortex
  • How much adhesive to use for classic & volume application
  • When you need to break the rules
  • How to store your adhesive
  • Adhesive stock control
  • Lash retention disaster stories (and how to avoid them!)

Module 4 - Stylist Technique

  • Application speed - getting to the lash quicker
  • How fast setting is your adhesive?
  • The importance of having your eyesight tested regularly
  • Eyelash extension attachment techniques
  • Outdated application techniques to avoid
  • Knowing when to refresh your adhesive during an appointment
  • Tips for efficient refills to improve retention

Module 5 - Other Factors

  • How your client's hormones can affect lash retention
  • How season changes affect lash retention
  • How surgery can affect your client's lash retention

Module 6 - Troubleshooting Scenarios

  • Scenario 1 - What causes lashes to "flick off"?
  • Scenario 2 - What can cause your adhesive to thicken prematurely?
  • Scenario 3 - What can cause poor retention for one eye only?
  • Scenario 4 - What can cause a rapid loss of extensions?
  • Scenario 5 - Tips for persuading clients to clean their lashes
  • Scenario 6 - What can cause gaps in the lash line?
  • Scenario 7 - How to troubleshoot with clients

Module 7 - The Client Series

  • Why you need to cleanse your lashes regularly
  • How to cleanse your lashes
  • How to prepare for your lash appointment
  • 5 simple aftercare tips to improve retention
  • 5 mistakes lash wearers make that can cause poor retention
  • Why you need lash refills
  • Makeup removers compatible with eyelash extensions

In addition to lifetime access to the Lash Retention 101 Online Course, you will also receive the following:

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