Aquila High Humidity Eyelash Extension Adhesive
Aquila HIGH Humidity Adhesive Black Glue

Aquila HIGH Humidity Adhesive Black Glue

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Aquila Adhesive for High Humidity Black Glue, 5ml.


  • High range humidity (Suits 60% - 75%) - when choosing an adhesive, take your workplace humidity, temperature and application style into account
  • Ideal working temperature 25 - 28° Degrees  
  • Lasts up to 6 weeks or until end of lash cycle (we have seen clients with slow lash cycles that still have lashes remaining 5.5 months after last application!)
  • 1 - 4 second setting time with incredible holding power
  • Low fume formula assists in reducing eye irritation
  • Rich, black pigment helps to darken your clients lash line (Don't forget you still need a bead at the base)
  • Suitable for use on both Classic and Volume eyelash extensions
  • Ideal for use with LashJoy Primer to further increase retention
  • Vegan Product
  • Latex Free
  • Eyelash extension adhesive for experienced Lash Professionals
  • Recommended maximum shelf life of 3 months unopened (stored upright in a cool, dry location), and 1 month once opened.

*PLEASE NOTE: Due to an increase in temperatures during the warmer months, no orders containing adhesives will be shipped on Friday's for East Coast Addresses or Thursday & Friday's for West Coast Addresses.

This is to protect the heat sensitive nature of all Eyelash Adhesives and ensure they are not left sitting in high temperatures for multiple days on weekends. These orders will instead be shipped on the following Monday. 

Unsure which adhesive is right for you? Read our Blog to help you choose!

Aquila bottle cap guide 

    • BLACK = Low-Med (22 -25° and between 35-55% humidity)
    • BLUE = Med-High (23 -27° and between 50-65% humidity)
    • WHITE = High (25 -28° and between 60-75% humidity)

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